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Matcha Chia Latte

dairy free and vegan

A cosmic blend of yin and yang to energize the body and calm the mind, complimented by nutrient rich Chia seeds. A supernatural combination that satisfies body, mind and palate. 12 oz resealable bag.

  • Coconut Oil Powder , Organic Coconut Sugar, Tapioca Fiber, Matcha Powder, Chia Seeds, Green Tea Flavor, Stevia Leaf Extract, Vanilla Extract.
  • Serving size 24g, 14 servings per container. Amount per serving: Calories 100, Total Fat 5g (6% DV), Saturated Fat 4g (20% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg (0% DV), Sodium 10mg (0% DV), Total Carbohydrate 16g (6% DV), Dietary Fiber 4g (14% DV), Total Sugars 6g, Added Sugars 6g (12% DV), Protein 1g, Vitamin D (0% DV), Calcium 82mg (6% DV), Iron (0% DV), Potassium 92mg (2% DV). %DV = %Daily Value
  • Add 2 scoops to 6-8 oz hot water. Stir well since coconut ingredients take longer to blend in liquids. For a blended drink, add 2 scoops to 4 oz water and 1/2 cup ice.

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