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Frequently Asked Question's

Keto refers to the body going into a state of ketosis where the body starts to burn it's on fat stores for fuel rather than the fat and sugar typically found in food and the bloodstream. In order to do this the daily carbohydrate intake needs to be below 20g of carbs depending on your body with carbs. Diet's higher in fat but low in carbs and sugar help satiate the body with a fuller feeling and help avoid snack attacks that typically ruin fad diets. Keto should be a tool to help improve overall health and wellness and avoiding too many carbs and embrace healthier options and a balanced diet.

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Keto Creamer

Vegan Keto Creamer

Refrigeration is not needed but it's good to keep the product away from sunlight and in a cool, dark environment. It is ok to refrigerate to maintain the best flavor and color, especially with the ground plant powders such as matcha, beet and turmeric.

Yes, our products are best within two years as indicated on the best before date on the back of the bag. Even after that products are ok, they may just loose intensity of flavor. If you are experiencing lumpy powder in your product, gently massage the contents of the bag while closed. Some of the key ingredients like coconut tends to get stuck together without additives and fillers which we don't use.

Most importantly it's best to consult your doctor and maintain a balanced diet. That said, we have not seen conclusive studies concerning MCT oil and pregnancy. Coconut oil and MCT oil is known to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-protozoa properties. It can help stimulate metabolic activity and aid in healthy thyroid function. Coconut oil can have anti-inflammatory properties for the digestive system which helps with general wellness.

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